When the Next Natural Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Ready?


Residents of New Jersey and surrounding areas are no stranger to Mother Nature’s wrath. We’ve seen blizzards, tropical storms, hurricanes and floods. But Hurricane Sandy introduced most of us to new levels of devastation.

Many organizations were prepared. Many tried to prepare but underestimated Sandy’s strength. Many did nothing. One year later, organizations are still trying to recover and wondering where they would be right now if they had been better prepared for perhaps the most destructive storm this area has ever endured.

We often discuss the need for data backup and disaster recovery planning in the context of security breaches, server failure and temporary power outages. Most people recognize that these are realistic, daily threats that can harm their organizations and deserve their attention.

But when it comes to true natural disasters, too many people consider them inconceivable and have the “it will never happen to me” mindset. Hurricane Sandy proved that this approach is a dangerous gamble. You can’t control or predict when it will happen, and you could be left with nothing if you’re not prepared.

Placing your equipment on higher ground and manually making copies of critical files just before a storm hits is not a sound strategy for guarding against a natural disaster.

Atlantic-IT.net’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a 24×7 service that can protect your data during even the worst natural disasters. Data is encrypted, securely stored and constantly monitored at two national data centers located more than 100 miles apart, providing more than enough redundancy and geographic separation in case of a natural disaster.

A dedicated device backs up your data as often as every 15 minutes, and if a server fails, our solution can be used as a virtual server until hardware is repaired or replaced, minimizing or even eliminating costly downtime and data loss.

Another option is our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. Instead of purchasing and maintaining servers, storage, networking, security and other technology – and worrying about the safety of this technology during a natural disaster – you use a customized, cloud-based IaaS solution for a monthly fee. You’ll have access to the latest technology and software with no capital outlays while maintenance, security and disaster recovery becomes our responsibility.

Organizations can’t look at Hurricane Sandy and say, “That was a once-in-a-lifetime storm. It will never happen again.” We all need to assume that a natural disaster will happen again and prepare accordingly.

Don’t gamble with your organization’s critical data. Contact Atlantic-IT.net to make sure you’re protected.