Sorry, Your IT Guy Is Not More Powerful than a Locomotive


Superheroes continue to be all the rage. New movies with Batman, Superman, Captain America, X-Men, Avengers and Wonder Woman are scheduled to be released within the next two years. Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made a comeback last year. Superheroes use their powers to inspire hope, fight the bad guys, provide reassurance during difficult times, and eventually restore order and peace.

Just keep in mind that these superheroes exist in a Hollywood fantasy world, not your in-house IT department. That’s not a knock on the IT guy, who alone represents the IT “department” in many cases. He can work wonders, especially considering time and budget constraints. But to expect the IT guy to stay on top of the latest technology trends, protect you from the latest security threats, and save the day every single time just isn’t realistic.

The in-house IT guy typically doesn’t have access to all of the enterprise-grade monitoring tools that a managed services provider (MSP) has. The MSP also has more sets of eyes and a higher level of expertise than your IT guy. Again, that’s nothing against your IT guy. One of the key advantages of outsourcing IT services is that the MSP has more time and personnel to devote to managing, monitoring, securing and troubleshooting company networks, and making sure all systems have received the latest updates.

Because of these additional resources, the MSP has the luxury of following best practices to address every issue that arises. The in-house IT guy is getting pulled in a million different directions. When the boss is complaining that his or her Internet connection is slow, two customers aren’t receiving invoices, the new sales rep needs to be added to the network, and the receptionist downloads a virus, the time-strapped IT guy has to prioritize each task on the fly. Best practices, if they exist, go out the window. Stuff just needs to get done, and certain areas may need to suffer during that process.

As your business grows, you’ll add more users, devices, data, applications and traffic to the network. These additions will require more bandwidth, more storage, more sophisticated functionality, and more maintenance. Even if your company is among the few fortunate small businesses to have an IT department – more than one IT guy – it will be virtually impossible for IT to manage that growth from a technological perspective. The services of an MSP can be scaled up and down as needed. You can outsource as much as you like, and you only pay for what you need.

When the IT guys spends all of his time taking care of day-to-day issues and putting out fires, he’s not helping the business grow. He’s merely helping to keep the business afloat. When daily operational tasks and monitoring are outsourced to an MSP, the IT guy can devote more time to strategic initiatives that help you operate more efficiently, improve customer service, develop competitive advantages and make more money., your outsourced IT department, specializes in helping small-to-midsize businesses overcome the limitations of in-house IT. Let us show you how we can maximize efficiency, boost productivity and minimize risk by relieving your IT guy of the burden of day-to-day IT operations.