SMBs Need Mobile Device Management

While large organizations are investing heavily in mobile device management (MDM) solutions to protect and manage all the mobile devices deployed in their operations, many smaller organizations still hesitate to make this leap. Many CEOs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) think that the cost of MDM is too high given their limited deployment of mobile devices. However, the right MDM solution could save them money as well as secure their devices and data.

With the rising competition in both local and global markets, trade gurus and business analysts have been touting mobility as a competitive advantage for businesses. In a tough economy, businesses need to be more efficient and provide prompt service delivery. This is where mobility comes into the picture. According to an independent study, mobile devices can save small businesses more than 291 hours per year — and that equates to a large amount of money.

On the other hand, mobility creates a number of risks and challenges that need proper attention. Though mobile devices can save time and money for businesses, they are also prone to spam, phishing and malware attacks as well as the loss or theft of confidential data. Hence, businesses need an MDM solution that strikes the right balance between productivity and security.

CEOs should also consider that even a single data breach can easily justify the investment in MDM. A data breach can cost a small business up to $200,000 and destroy its reputation in seconds. Small businesses that suffer a data breach must expend significant resources for post-breach investigation and resolution processes as well — a real business disruption.

MDM software enables SMBs to secure, monitor, manage and administer the mobile devices employees use for company business. With MDM, businesses can readily encrypt sensitive data, locate devices, manage data usage and storage, automate device enrollment, and much more. These features drastically reduce the cost and manpower needed to manage mobile devices.

In addition, MDM solutions enable businesses to eliminate unneeded applications and push business applications to devices from a centralized source. MDM solutions also provide the levels of control needed to ensure that mobile devices adhere to the company’s security and access policies. And if a device is lost or stolen, the MDM solution can automatically wipe the device to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

The good news is that MDM solutions have become relatively inexpensive, and there are a growing number of MDM solutions that SMBs can easily afford. There are also cloud-based MDM solutions that eliminate the need for upfront investment.

In short, MDM solutions can make any business, small or large, more agile and mobile so that it can better serve its clients. MDM solutions can increase efficiency by eliminating time-consuming and expensive processes so small businesses can focus on their operations rather than managing mobile devices. And today they are reasonably priced and worth the initial investment considering the reduced risk and potential returns for small businesses.