Retirement Planning

Given that the average lifespan of a PC is about three years, many organizations replace one-third of their desktop inventory every 12 to 18 months. While these replacement cycles provide staff with the latest technology, they burden the IT department with the task of disposing of the old equipment.

In today’s regulatory climate, improper disposal of computer equipment can have dire consequences. The biggest concern is data security and privacy — unless you take proper steps, sensitive information can still be recovered from old hard drives. And under some government regulations, a company’s top executives risk serious penalties should a security breach result from unlawful dumping of IT equipment containing confidential information.

Organizations that improperly dispose of PCs may face environmental fines as well. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can hold the equipment owner liable if it has been improperly discarded. Companies that fail to follow environmental regulations when retiring technology equipment are subject to regulatory fines, negative publicity and even litigation when discarded equipment containing toxic waste turns up in landfills or abroad in developing countries. can help customers avoid the risks associated with equipment retirement and disposal. We will work with you to determine what to do with your old equipment and help you take steps to ensure that sensitive data is removed before the equipment is decommissioned. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Implement environmentally sound disposal practices to support your “green” initiatives.
  • Refurbish older equipment for users who don’t need the latest bells and whistles, or use it for training and testing purposes.
  • Save some equipment as a source for spare parts.
  • Take advantage of trade-in deals and end-of-lease trade-up opportunities.
  • Donate older but serviceable equipment to schools or charities.
  • Sell your functional castoffs to employees.
  • Harvest and sell the valuable scrap metal in old equipment.