A Solid Foundation for the Cloud

Solid Foundation for the Cloud | Altlantic-IT


While cloud computing can be an attractive option, you still need monitoring and management services to support your business.

What cloud applications are you using in your organization?

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How IT budgeting and planning drives long-term success


IT budgets

This is the time of year when most organizations are putting together their budgets. It’s that awkward time of year when every manager is forced to sit in front of the boss and the finance people and justify every dollar being requested for their department.

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Helpful Tips in Preventing Ransomware Attacks


From hospitals to police stations; from private-owned businesses to schools; ransomware is a recent, terrifying trend in the tech world that can affect you anytime, anywhere. Ransomware attacks are an increasingly popular way for cybercriminals to monetize your information by holding it hostage until you submit to paying the ransom they demand.

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Preventing Cyber Security Attacks in Law Firms


By now, we are all familiar with the leak of the infamous “Panama Papers”. This leak of 11.5 million files from the database of one of the world’s largest offshore law firms, Mossack Fonseca, made it clear that law firms are not immune from massive data breaches.

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