Professional Services IT Solutions

Focus on your day-to-day functions and business initiatives. Leave your IT operations and support to the IT management experts.

 IT Professional Services

Why should you consider outsourcing your professional IT services? Atlantic IT’s solutions are designed to streamline your operations so that you can manage and grow your business more efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Make Real-Time Decisions
  • Eliminate New Employee Onboarding
  • Focus on Project-Specific Goals
  • Control Project Costs
  • Scale Resources According to Demand
  • Streamline Project Management
  • Gain Expert Staff
  • Access Newest Industry Resources

Sage Software MAS 90

Also known as Sage 100 Standard, Sage MAS 90 is a management software solution designed for small to medium-sized companies. As an industry leader in accounting and e-business management tools, Sage Software offers several advantages for your growing business:

  • Platform Flexibility
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Built-In Reports
  • Applications Adaptability
  • Scaleable Add-Ons

We can help you find the perfect software management tool for your business needs: Optimize your operations and eliminate downtime.

Why Atlantic IT?

Keeping up with today’s dynamic IT world can be challenging. Not only do you need to strategize your business objectives to keep your enterprise current, but you also need industry-specific IT expertise to give you a competitive advantage. Atlantic IT’s professional services can provide you with first-class solutions that are tailored to meet your professional industry’s needs:

  • Support Center
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Expertise with Industry-specific vendors
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • IT Assessment & Planning
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning

When you call on Atlantic IT for your professional IT services, you can count on our team to leverage our industry partnerships to find the best management software solutions for your unique needs:  Quickbooks, Xero, Analyst, MAS 90, Sage, Snap Survey, and more! is the outsourced IT department for small to midsize businesses in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. Call us today and request an IT services consultation!

Snap Survey Software

Does your industry rely on professional questionnaires to gain the most up-to-date market research? We’ve got the solution. From charities and not-for-profit to government and healthcare industries, let us help tailor a survey system for your particular sector. Snap Survey Software allows you to create custom survey experiences that meet the demands of your clients while enhancing your organization’s brand:

  • Create Visual and Interactive Surveys
  • Design Interesting, Dynamic Questionnaires
  • Customize Solutions with Your Database
  • Optimize Templates for any Format


We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.

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