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In 2016, 26% of law firms experienced some sort of security breach. Atlantic IT can protect you.

Is Your Firm Prepared?

The core of a law firm’s enterprise is embedded in the data management/security business. At Atlantic IT, we understand the exhaustive obligations lawyers and their firms are held to for protecting client data and complying with state and federal privacy laws.

Today’s law firms must be vigilant when it comes to protecting critical data. From corporate intellectual property to top-secret government documents, law firms carry an enormous amount of cyber security risk. Just one financial setback resulting from a data breach could bring the entire firm down: “The average cost of a data breach ranges from 6.4mm to 7.5mm, including forensic investigation, remediation, notification expense, credit monitoring and crisis management.”  To avoid this sort of financial landslide, law firms today must invest in quality IT systems and data security management services.

Atlantic IT’s cyber security services are tailored to meet your firm’s unique security needs. When you partner with us, you can expect a thorough assessment of your current security system(s) and identification of potential weak links that could lead to security breaches. Our flexible network design solutions are both scalable and comprehensive. In addition to our 24×7 support services, our extensive suite of security solutions includes the following: Endpoint Protection; Firewall Systems; Data Encryption; Remote Access/Monitoring; Malware and Spam Blocking.

Did you know that outsourcing your law firm’s IT support will have an immediate and lasting impact on your firm’s bottom line?

Trusted Support for Your Firm

The Atlantic IT team can not only help secure your vital data, but we can also improve your firm’s increase productivity, streamline processes, and maximize profit. Our technicians have experience with innovative, reliable software that includes — Sage Timeslips, LexisNexis, PCLAW, and much more. As experts in legal applications, we can help you determine what functions would most benefit your practice:

  • Customer Aquisition
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Document Storage
  • Billing and Accounting Management
  • Client and Case Management
  • Practice-Area Resource Access
  • Compliance Management

Our services deliver comprehensive support to attorneys, partners, paralegals, and administrators. From infrastructure set-up to phone system integration, to directory audits and server monitoring, we can implement the best solution for your firm’s IT needs. Call one of our specialists today and start focusing on your billable hours instead of IT issues.

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