How To Secure Your Office Network

Unfortunately, there is a large number of specific office networking threats you need to protect your business against. To come to your help, here are a few ideas you could start implementing immediately. For an extra set of skilled hands we encourage you to get in touch with us.


Choose And Use Your Passwords Carefully


You are going to have to choose the strongest passwords possible, which are of course unique and at the same time which you can memorize with certain simplicity. This way, you will avoid having to write it down and risk having it stolen. Never use the same password twice for different accounts, or you will severely compromise your entire office network in case your password is the same with your social networking password. Lock down your computer when you are not personally using it to avoid similar problems.


Focus On Safe Browsing


It is recommended that you use one browser for your personal surfing needs and a different one for your work-related ones. Use Chrome or Firefox if you need to do a lot of banking operations or use your credentials a lot. Use a different internet browser for your personal surfing and avoid putting your company’s data under threat. Constantly update all of your software, operating systems and plug-ins included, especially if you like to gamble online or play lottery games online and use real money to make your purchases.


Secure All IT Layers Within The Company


This way you will manage to keep all your servers, computers and mobile devices safe at all times. Get in touch with a team of specialists like the ones we can provide you with to properly cover all layers of your IT department. These people will also provide you with guidance and practical help to fix your security problems and act proactively.