How To Boost Wireless Networking Speed

Wireless networking routers might not always work the way you would like them to work. Luckily, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and advice to apply to stimulate higher performances. These next few lines will teach you how to get started.


Pay Attention To The Location Of The Router


Following simple logic, placing the router in the center of the home or office should help you get optimum results. However, if you use a desktop computer or a laptop that rely on that router, it is best to take the device closer to the router instead. Place the router inside a closet if you must in case you notice you will be getting the best results from there. Look around the office or home and pick up all objects made of metal that could interfere with your signal. Try to imagine the precise path of your signal and get rid of everything made of metal interfering in the middle.


Try To Switch Wireless Channels


Follow this advice in case your office or house is inundated by several wireless signals. If you are using a top notch modem, it should be able to detect the most powerful signal and corresponding channel on its own. Look at your own router and see if it came with the default 6 channel enabled. If so, search for a better one, just like you would search for the best places to buy lottery tickets online. Speaking of, check out the site for some special offers.



See If Network Adapter Driver Updates Are Necessary


Use a new router driver and you might get a few problems fixed, along with some nice performance enhancers. Pay attention to updates, as they normally come once every few months; just make sure you know for a fact what sort of wireless card you are using. Firmware software update is also an alternative.