How High-Quality Cabling Boosts Network Performance


Five years ago, you may have been willing to wait 10 seconds or so for a video to load. Those days are long gone. People demand fast download speeds and instant access to network applications, services and information on any device – not just to work, but to live.

More applications and devices are being added to corporate networks every day. Organizations are deploying modern video surveillance and security systems, IP telephony, videoconferencing, control systems, digital signage and other solutions. This requires an IT infrastructure that provides substantial bandwidth and meets today’s ever-increasing expectations for speed and performance.

At the heart of these technological advancements is high-quality, structured cabling. To increase bandwidth capacity and transmit data more efficiently, organizations are upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE. This requires a strong cabling plant in order to reap the rewards.

If you’re considering moving to higher-speed 40GbE or 100GbE, you’ll need to switch from copper to fiber cabling. Even if you rely predominantly on wireless connections, a high-performance, backend wired network will improve the performance of your wireless infrastructure. In fact, the cabling plant typically needs to be upgraded to at least Category 5e in order to support WLAN performance.

The performance gained by upgrading to the newest cable standards is dramatic. Moving from Category 5e to Category 6 cabling improves throughput from .454 Mbps to 86.83 Mbps. That means, for example, a 450MB file would take two hours and 12 minutes to download over Category 5e cabling. With Category 6, it would take only about 41 seconds.

High-quality cabling is as crucial to your organization’s operations and performance as the electrical wiring. Even though structured cabling will last 20 years or more, organizations devote 95 percent of their time to maintaining and updating servers, routers, switches and storage, which typically have a lifecycle of just four or five years. This approach needs to change

Structured cabling provides the foundation that supports modern applications and services that boost productivity, improve customer service and meet the performance demands of both employees and customers., your outsourced IT department, has a certified cabling team that can design and install an easy-to-manage cabling system according to your specific business requirements. Let’s discuss how we can build a rock-solid foundation for your organization with structured cabling.