Growth Dynamic

It has been an exciting year at — a year of growth and change as we continue to expand our service offerings to support our customers’ business and technology needs. This growth is enabled, in part, by key technology trends. Cloud computing, for instance, allows us to provide a wide range of affordable IT services that our customers might not be able to maintain in-house.

But while technology is a key element of our offerings, our greatest asset is our people. Our team of experienced personnel has the up-to-date expertise to make these technologies hum and ensure that our customers are always served to their satisfaction. Although cloud computing masks IT complexity from the end-user’s perspective, the complexity is still there behind the scenes. The skill sets of our staff are more important than ever.

And given the nature of the IT environment, those skill sets are increasingly specialized. It is difficult for IT generalists to manage today’s data center, what with virtualization, huge data storage volumes, ever-increasing security risks and the like. You need individuals who can focus on one area and understand it in depth. As a result, even companies with one or two IT generalists on staff often lack the resources they need to fully support their operations.

What’s more, the IT infrastructure is always changing. When a business upgrades to the latest version of Windows Server or Microsoft Exchange, there may be a steep learning curve. And when you add unified communications or some other technology that’s new to the IT department, personnel adjustments may have to be made. is made up of specialists who collectively deliver the full spectrum of IT services needed to effectively manage and support the technologies that drive our customers’ businesses. As a result, we are able to optimize our customers’ IT operations and provide the skills needed to address newer, more complex technologies.

We have made investments in state-of-the-art management and monitoring tools, and have developed proven processes that enable our team to function efficiently and obtain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. But our biggest investment is in our people and their ongoing development. We have carefully nurtured a culture that promotes technical excellence, professionalism and customer service.

In light of that, our team lineup is far from static. As the mixture of technologies we support changes, we must provide training and, in some cases, move personnel around so that we can best leverage their strengths. As we broaden our offerings, certain team members may choose to focus on one area. We naturally provide a path for advancement within our organization as our team members continue to grow in their careers and further develop their skills. And, of course, we have added a number of new individuals who bring key expertise to our organization.

As a result, the particular person you are accustomed to speaking with may no longer be in the same role as they were last year. That is the happy result of our growth and the enhanced services we bring to your business. We know that you join us in welcoming our new team members and applauding the accomplishments of our staff. is both a group of individuals and a highly functioning team. Each of our team members is equally dedicated to serving our customers as we work in concert to provide world-class IT services. Technology never stands still, and neither do we. We are constantly working to bring you the most advanced services available and ensure that whoever takes your call has the right skills to serve you.

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