Supporting the Whole Business

Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club appreciates’s holistic approach, which looks at IT from a business perspective.

Fiddler's Elbow Country Club

Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club offers its members picturesque grounds, championship golf and world-class amenities — all supported by a high-tech infrastructure. Fiddler’s Elbow was founded in 1965 as a private corporate country club, and its members include leading companies and prominent professionals in diverse industries. In addition, the Club is expanding its membership offerings to include individual and family memberships along with its traditional corporate memberships. Today, the club’s team of dedicated professionals utilizes the latest technologies to meet members’ changing demands.

Behind the scenes, works to ensure that these technologies are available and performing optimally. More significantly, stays abreast of Fiddler’s Elbow’s business requirements, and recommends technology solutions that can enhance the club’s ability to serve its members.

“We really appreciate the fact that they spend time with us on planning,” said Brendon Steidle, Controller, Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club. “We have regular review meetings with Krystal Triumph, our account manager, where we talk about the status of all of our equipment, what’s due for replacement, what types of issues are coming up. Krystal doesn’t just spend time on the IT side but also finds out what’s happening in the entire business so she can recommend technologies that might be useful to us.”’s holistic approach also encompasses all aspects of the IT lifecycle. IT Director Michael Stenger and his team of engineers, project managers and technicians work in concert to ensure customer satisfaction from implementation through ongoing support.

“Every member of our team who touches the customer’s environment understands not only the technology but the customer’s business goals,” Stenger said. “We are proud to provide Fiddler’s Elbow with a comprehensive solution that supports their objectives.”

Improved Communications

Situated in Bedminster Township, N.J., Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club showcases nearly 1,000 acres of spectacular countryside with three 18-hole golf courses , making it the largest private club in N.J. Strong communication is critical to club managers who may be anywhere on the property at any given time. recently upgraded the club’s aging PBX system to an Avaya IP phone system to better support mobile communications.

“It’s been fantastic,” Steidle said. “The biggest thing is that it helps me sleep a little bit better at night — with a 20-year-old system we never knew when it would fail. But from a communication perspective, it enables our managers to receive their voicemail messages in their email, which they can access via their smartphones. Before, messages were often stale by the time the managers were able to check voicemail.” manages the phone system, but Fiddler’s Elbow staff members are able to add or change users. That’s a big step up from the previous system.

“We didn’t touch anything before — we had to call in a tech to make any type of change. The new system has software we can use to make changes ourselves. We have a lot more control than we used to,” Steidle said.

As part of the upgrade process, inventoried and analyzed the Fiddler’s Elbow’s phone lines.’s experts determined that the club could save a lot of money by switching to a fiber-optic solution.

“Over time we had acquired all kinds of phone lines. helped us determine what we were using and what we could do without. We realized that we could save money by switching to a different type of voice solution,” said Steidle. “We were basically able to pay for the new system by eliminating the old unused lines. And the fiber-optic connection provides us with much faster bandwidth for our data purposes.”

Staying Up-to-Date

Fiddler’s Elbow’s history goes back to the 1930s, when investment banker Frederick Strong Moseley Jr. and his wife, Jane Hamilton Brady, purchased the property. The Moseleys built the stone manor house that today serves as the main clubhouse and introduced the sporting lifestyle.

The club celebrates that heritage while ensuring that its technology infrastructure is up-to-date. recently completed various server and software upgrades to ensure that the club’s computer systems support its operations.

“ swapped out our old server for a new one, and upgraded the server operating system to the latest version. The new system enhances security by giving us more control over user access,” Steidle said. “We also added an offsite backup solution. Now all of our data is being backed up to a remote location as well as onsite. It also helps me sleep a little bit better at night knowing that there are multiple copies of our data we can access in the event of a problem.”

Steidle says that the server upgrade did not result in any significant downtime — an important plus for a business that operates for extended hours seven days a week.

“When we had server replacements in the past, there would be a couple of days when we couldn’t get into the system,” he said. “This one was terrific because they were able to build the new server side-by-side with the old one while the old one continued to run. All the data migration happened overnight. We were able to operate during the changeover with very few interruptions.”

Part of the Team has completed a number other projects for Fiddler’s Elbow, including an upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2010 and implementation of remote terminal services. Both solutions help improve the flow of information throughout the club.

“Our golf course maintenance department is in a separate building. With remote terminal services, they’re able to log into our main systems,” said Steidle.

It all goes back to’s comprehensive approach. helps ensure that Fiddler’s Elbow’s systems are up-to-date, managed and supported so that the club does not experience downtime or performance issues.

“We recognize the importance of providing not only a seamless implementation but ongoing support,” Stenger said. “The only way to derive maximum value from technology investments is to ensure that systems are managed and maintained long after the implementation is complete.”

“We don’t have any IT staff. is our IT team,” Steidle said. “It’s more cost-efficient to use their services than hire someone. And they’re terrific from a support point of view, always quick to respond to issues. We definitely would not consider an in-house person. We came to work with a number of years ago because of their knowledge of country club systems. It has been a terrific relationship.”