A Solid Foundation for the Cloud

Solid Foundation for the Cloud | Altlantic-IT


While cloud computing can be an attractive option, you still need monitoring and management services to support your business.

What cloud applications are you using in your organization?

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Cloud Security Is a Shared Responsibility

The cloud is not merely a widely accepted computing model — it’s the basis for nearly every transformative technology on the horizon. The cloud will be a key enabler for looming trends such as the Internet of Things, quantum computing, serverless architectures, machine learning and more.

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Better Backup for Manufacturers

Cloud and virtualization-specific backup options help overcome the limitations of traditional solutions in manufacturing companies.

atlantic-it-backupData backup is arguably the most critical function in IT, but it continues to be a frustrating and problematic process for most organizations.

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Windows Server 2016 Offers Many Enhancements


Microsoft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Windows Servers platforms with the impending release of the new Windows Server 2016. The launch promises to usher in a new era of server computing, with a host of new features and enhancements designed to address today’s business and IT priorities.

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Why Regulatory Compliance and IT Strategy Go Hand in Hand

Many organizations that are subject to government and industry regulations are struggling to maintain compliance. The sophistication of modern cyber threats, the growing use of cloud services, and the influx of personal mobile devices in the workplace have complicated data security and privacy.

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