A Solid Foundation for the Cloud

Solid Foundation for the Cloud | Altlantic-IT


While cloud computing can be an attractive option, you still need monitoring and management services to support your business.

What cloud applications are you using in your organization?

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There’s No Substitute for Expertise in IT Support

The do-it-yourself economy is flourishing, with more and more consumers feeling confident enough to tackle projects involving home improvement, appliance repair, auto mechanics and more. The DIY mindset can be disastrous when extended to IT support, however.

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Don’t Take Email Security For Granted

Despite the growing use of instant messaging and other collaboration tools, email continues to be the de facto standard for business communication. In fact, email sees greater use than the phone and even personal meetings in many organizations.

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Cloud Security Is a Shared Responsibility

The cloud is not merely a widely accepted computing model — it’s the basis for nearly every transformative technology on the horizon. The cloud will be a key enabler for looming trends such as the Internet of Things, quantum computing, serverless architectures, machine learning and more.

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Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Although ransomware has reached epidemic proportions, few small businesses have any sort of plan for how to deal with such attacks. In fact, most think they are too small to even be a target for ransomware.

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Mobility Solutions Can Transform SMBs

The way people work has fundamentally changed, driven by a convergence of mobile, social and generational forces. Workers today spend more than a third of their time away from their desks, leveraging a diverse mix of devices and applications to collaborate with others and share information.

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