How We Function

Large companies have IT departments that perform several critical roles. Some of these roles are obvious, but many take place behind the scenes.’s outsourced IT services and support are designed to take the place of an enterprise IT department. Our comprehensive suite of solutions are focused on helping small to midsize businesses in New Jersey and New York operate more efficiently, productively and economically.WhyAtlantic

Our purpose at is to:

  • Align appropriate technology with your corporate goals/needs;
  • Take part in your organization’s budgetary process as it relates to technology;
  • Maintain thorough documentation of your company’s technology systems — including assets, licensing, service contracts, etc.;
  • Act as your company’s representative and liaison for all technology vendors;
  • Maintain your company’s network infrastructure;
  • Perform routine, proactive maintenance on server(s) and PCs;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues;
  • Be responsible for uptime of all server(s), PCs and mission-critical applications; and
  • Keep up with industry standards by constantly evaluating products and services for application in your organization. offers a reliable, cost-effective, one-stop solution to fulfill all your technology needs.

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