Storage / Dell & EMC

Today’s storage environment is under tremendous pressure due to rampant data growth. Experts predict that by 2020 data volumes will be multiplying 45 times annually. The old model of purchasing more storage than necessary to meet current needs is simply not

Organizations need to rein in storage growth while maintaining high levels of availability, reliability and performance.  They need to eliminate underutilized subsystems and enable fluid storage expansion to support ever-increasing storage demands. And they need robust data protection and streamlined data archival. helps meet these challenges with storage solutions from two industry leaders: Dell and EMC. Dell offers direct-attached and networked storage solutions that deliver superior performance and capacity for a wide range of environments. Dell’s storage products also include disk and tape backup solutions that reduce the risk of data loss and provide long-term data archival.

EMC provides a full range of storage products with the highest levels of performance, availability, scalability, security and automation. With EMC, customers can expect a wide range of proven solutions, comprehensive management, guaranteed interoperability and investment protection. brings these solutions together, with solid expertise in the latest storage technologies. Let us help you design and implement a storage infrastructure that will meet your needs today, accommodate exponential data growth and ensure robust data protection.

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