Virtualization / Citrix

Desktop virtualization addresses one of the most time-consuming and expensive operations supported by IT organizations — deploying and managing end-user desktops. According to industry estimates, managing a single desktop can cost more than $5,000 a year.citrix-logo-black

Desktop virtualization helps relieve these headaches by moving the entire desktop — including operating system, applications and data — into the data center. IT can manage and update all of the organization’s desktops at once, from one location, and end-users can access their Windows desktops and applications anywhere on any device.

Citrix Systems offers a comprehensive desktop virtualization solution that enables Windows to be delivered as an on-demand service. It makes desktops easier to manage and secure, and increases productivity by enabling employees to work from anywhere. Citrix also provides technologies that enable data center virtualization, seamless connection to cloud services, network acceleration and security, and collaboration and support. can help your organization take advantage of Citrix virtualization, application delivery, collaboration and cloud solutions to free both employees and IT from the limitations of the traditional IT environment. With Citrix and, your business can become more agile and efficient and better able to deliver exceptional customer service.

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