Outsourced IT Support

Atlantic-IT.net’s outsourced IT support can help you save money, increase efficiency and achieve your business goals.

Many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) struggle to sustain an IT model that may not make good business sense. Some organizations maintain a substantial IT staff capable of handling workload spikes and emergencies, with the tradeoff of inefficiency when that staff sits mostly idle. Others keep a “lean” IT staff in order save money, leaving the organization vulnerable when issues surface unpredictably.

Either way, IT is not aligned with business goals. Rather than supporting business objectives, IT becomes a distraction from the core business focus.

Outsourced IT services can help solve this dilemma, but there remains a great deal of confusion as to what “outsourcing” really means. A lot of customers equate outsourcing with managed services, but managed services are just one element of the outsourcing concept. At Atlantic-IT.net, we believe that outsourced IT services and support should encompasses everything an enterprise IT department would do to ensure that mission-critical systems are ready to meet business requirements, but at a fraction of the cost.

Atlantic-IT.net has developed a comprehensive outsourced IT solution — designed specifically for SMBs — that combines managed services, onsite support and consulting services in a cost-effective and predictable monthly budget. Atlantic-IT.net’s all-encompassing solution touches every aspect of the IT infrastructure, from a business perspective as well as a technology perspective. Furthermore, Atlantic-IT.net serves as a trusted advisor for short- and long-range planning, budgeting and due diligence.

If IT is not a central part of your business model then it makes good business sense to outsource it. Atlantic-IT.net replaces unproductive and unpredictable IT overhead with highly efficient and focused services bundled into one low, monthly budget.

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