Vendor Management

IT environments are complex, requiring products and services from multiple vendors. Oftentimes it’s unclear which vendor to call, and support issues frequently result in frustrating finger-pointing. Keeping track of warranties, maintenance contracts and support agreements adds to the complexity.h5t1hnk0

There’s no question that managing multiple technology vendors costs time and money.  By transferring this responsibility to, organizations in NJ and NY can save time and money and focus on running their businesses. has longstanding relationships with key IT vendors and an experienced staff that understands how to navigate vendor support processes, maintenance contracts and more. But our vendor management services are not limited to our relationships or the equipment we sell. We will serve as a liaison for phone systems, computer equipment, copiers, peripherals, applications and more — any technology your environment.

With’s vendor management program, you simply call our Support Center and the outsourced IT team will manage all vendor issues to a satisfactory conclusion. Regardless of the need or how many vendors are involved, will ensure that your concerns are addressed. serves as the single point of contact for multiple IT vendors, so that your organization no longer has to shoulder that responsibility. As your outsourced IT department, helps you improve productivity while ensuring prompt response to vendor-related issues.

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