Printer Management

2n5wth7ePrinters quietly consume a surprisingly large portion of the typical organization’s IT budget — some say as much as 40 percent. Experts claim that printing expenses per employee are often as much as telecommunications costs, and that many firms spend 1 percent to 3 percent of revenue on printing.

Few IT managers know how many printers are in use throughout their organizations, but odds are it’s two or three times as many as are needed. Research suggests that many of these peripherals are used less than five minutes in a typical eight-hour workday. Yet organizations must maintain them and keep them stocked with supplies.’s comprehensive suite of outsourced IT services and support includes print management services that deliver bottom-line benefits.’s print management services can help customers minimize printing costs by directing print jobs to the most cost-effective printer, controlling color usage and reducing waste. can also provide print management solutions that enable organizations to automatically bill clients for printing costs.

Although the print infrastructure is often overlooked, it’s an important — and potentially costly — component of the IT environment.’s managed print services can help reduce costs, enhance productivity, meet “green objectives” and increase compliance., your outsourced IT department, can help get your print output under control. Call (877) 936-3328 to learn more.