Spam Filtering

E-Mail Shield, from, is a powerful solution for filtering your company’s email from unwanted and potentially dangerous spam. This fully outsourced service allows your employees to work in a safer, more secure Internet atmosphere, and gives your company the freedom to communicate without fear of productivity and financial losses.


With E-Mail Shield from, you’ll be safeguarding your company from all of the issues that plague organizations worldwide, including:

  • Frivolous but time-consuming spam that offers everything from discounted drugs to replica watches and everything in between
  • Devastating viruses that can wreak havoc on your network and servers, destroying valuable data and bringing production to a screeching halt.
  • Fraudulent emails from high-tech con artists, leading unsuspecting recipients to official looking Web sites. Financial and identity theft runs rampant on these sites, and can fool even the most educated and skeptical individuals.

E-Mail Shield will filter out spam and viruses before they ever reach your network, freeing your bandwidth so that you can work at maximum speed and efficiency.

Call or email today to begin your free trial. See how much more productive your employees can be without the inconvenience and threat of spam infiltrating your network. If you’re not convinced that E-Mail Shield by isn’t the best way to safeguard your business from outside email predators, we’ll remove it from your system at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. is committed to helping businesses in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia ensure the security and performance of their IT environments. Call today to speak with one of our outsourced IT specialists — (877) 936-3328.