Outsourced IT Dept.

Atlantic-IT.net has developed a suite of outsourced IT services and support designed to keep your technology infrastructure in tip-top shape. These solutions help reduce overhead costs while enabling your in-house staff to better focus their efforts and skills. Most importantly, Atlantic-IT.net gives you the peace of mind that your voice and data systems are being monitored, managed and supported by certified, experienced engineers and technicians.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Atlantic-IT.net has made significant investments in real-time remote monitoring tools. Our outsourced IT specialists personally review system activity — including connectivity, critical error messages, performance and availability — and take immediate action to minimize downtime.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Atlantic-IT.net helps improve the stability and security of your systems through regular maintenance. Most maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, which reduces business disruption. However, this is not a “hands off” service — we utilize the appropriate mix of people, processes and technologies to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Support Center: The Atlantic-IT.net Support Center is staffed by highly trained, certified and experienced personnel — they are not call-center employees. Our support center technicians are qualified to address all of the IT needs of small to midsized businesses (SMBs) throughout New Jersey and New York.
  • Backup Systems & Procedures: Backup procedures are notoriously complex and failure-prone. Atlantic-IT.net eliminates this headache through comprehensive backup support services. We will ensure that your backup systems are operational and your backup jobs are completed on schedule.
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning: Atlantic-IT.net can help ensure that you don’t lose critical data in the event of a disaster. Our experts will help you implement the appropriate policies, procedures and technologies to protect your business.
  • IT Assessment & Planning: You can trust the experts at Atlantic-IT.net to provide you with expert advice. At regular intervals we will review your systems and make recommendations based upon capacity requirements, load peaks, potential bottlenecks and overall performance.

Atlantic-IT.net is the outsourced IT department for small to midsize businesses in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. Call us today and request a free technology check-up — (877) 936-3328