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Backup and disaster recovery technology has traditionally been expensive and complex for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). But without effective data protection, organizations are at risk of significant data loss should disaster strike. Worse, they are often forced to shut down for extended periods due to the slow, arduous and costly recovery processes associated with traditional backup technologies. offers a cloud-based solution that provides continuous data protection and rapid recovery— all for a low monthly fee. It consists of a dedicated device that backs up critical data as often as every 15 minutes. The onsite device enables rapid recovery of individual files or entire hard drives. And should a server fail, the device can immediately be used as a virtual server until the server hardware is repaired or replaced.

The system also encrypts your data for robust security and replicates it to two national data centers located more than 100 miles apart. Should you experience a site disaster, you can recover within minutes through failover to virtual servers at one of the remote sites.’s backup and disaster recovery solution is more than just a device — it’s a 24×7 outsourced IT service. Our highly skilled technicians monitor the device around the clock to ensure that you are protected against data loss. maximizes the uptime of your backup and disaster recovery system to ensure your data is protected locally and offsite.

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It is impossible to overstate the importance of a functional data protection strategy.
In a very real sense, data is the most valuable asset of any business — and
that data can be lost, deleted or corrupted by viruses, hackers, software or hardware
failures, human error, or many other variables. Businesses survive disasters
only if their data survives.