Medical Offices

Busy medical offices rely on IT for both clinical and back-office functions, as more and more types of diagnostic equipment interface with data networks. In addition, many healthcare facilities need to extend the reach of their voice and data communications platforms across campus or wide-area networks. Doctors need to get patient histories quickly and in accordance with HIPAA. However, medical office personnel need to focus on delivering high-quality patient care — not network implementation and support challenges.

The engineers and technicians at possess a broad range of skills and experience spanning all aspects of technology. We work as a team to deliver industry-accepted methodologies that maximize the success of complex technology infrastructures. Outsourced IT support ensures that issues are addressed promptly and accurately. can help healthcare facilities consolidate and simplify their infrastructures by updating legacy systems. We can slo ensure that your network can carry voice and data calls with a high quality of service. Wireless connectivity provides staff with mobile communications and access to patient records. will help you implement security measures that ensure the confidentiality of patient information as well as business continuity.’s proactive maintenance provides healthcare organizations with the peace of mind that mission-critical applications and communications platforms are always operational, and patient data is secured and protected according to HIPAA guidelines. What’s more, our outsourced IT services and support can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and focus on patient care.

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