Voice Communications

Voice over IP (VoIP) has evolved to become the foundation of business communications across industry sectors. IP phone systems are popular because they deliver cost savings, flexibility, simplified administration, advanced features and more. Because voice calls travel over the data network, there is no need to maintain a separate voice infrastructure. Voice becomes just another application, like email.

IP telephony brings branch locations, telecommuters and mobile workers onto the central phone system via wide-area network (WAN) and broadband links. It also allows flexibility within the office — instead of being tied to a physical phone jack, employees plug their IP phone sets into the nearest data port and log in to accept calls and access system features. The ability to manage voice calls, email, instant messaging and all forms of conferencing from a single user interface boosts productivity and makes employees more accessible and responsive.

Atlantic-IT.net has its roots in the voice communications arena. Our experts can design, deploy and maintain an IP communications platform that meets today’s business requirements with room to grow and add features as needs change. They will also ensure that the data network can support VoIP.

Atlantic-IT.net’s outsourced IT services and support can help you take full advantage of IP communications to reduce costs, improve productivity and gain a competitive edge. Download our voice communications brochure and call (877) 936-3328 for a consultations with one of our specialists.


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Whitepaper: VoIP Development Options

Whether cloud-based or on premises, IP-based voice platforms can deliver a wide range of significant business benefits. This whitepaper outlines the business case for moving to IP-based communications, the factors to consider when selecting a platform and the relative strengths of each deployment option. Armed with this information, organizations can determine how to best implement an IP communications solution to meet their particular requirements.