In today’s economic environment, many organizations are seeking innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve communications. Videoconferencing can help organizations achieve all of those goals. It is proven to cut travel costs and associated employee downtime, increase productivity, enhance customer service and reduce time to market of new products and services. Furthermore, videoconferencing can help organizations become more flexible and resilient through faster decision-making, increased agility and improved responsiveness to customer demand.

Videoconferencing has advanced significantly in recent years — no more choppy video or poor audio. Videoconference not only allows meeting participants to see and hear each other but also to share documents, presentations and multimedia.

Telepresence takes videoconferencing to the next level, creating an immersive experience that makes users feel as if they are present in the same room. It uses high-definition videoconferencing and other technologies to deliver effective and reliable visual communications for telemedicine, engineering and maintenance, and other applications. has the expertise to provide a wide range of videoconferencing and telepresence solutions to meet a variety of needs, all backed by our outsourced IT services and support.  From low-cost desktop videoconferencing, to conference room video solutions to a complete high-definition video architecture, can help organizations take advantage of high-quality video communications.

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