Disaster Recovery / BCP

In today’s highly competitive business environment, constant availability of applications and data is critical to success. Downtime and data loss can doom any businesses to failure. Unfortunately, too many organizations lack effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

Atlantic-IT.net can help you implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution that maximizes data protection while minimizing the impact on operations. The latest high-performance, disk-based technologies provide near-continuous, real-time backup and rapid recovery of critical data — eliminating the so-called “backup window” and time-consuming management of tape backups. Atlantic-IT.net also offers cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that eliminate the need for capital investment in a data protection platform.

The experts at Atlantic-IT.net can also help you develop a business continuity plan. They will assess the relative risk of disaster, equipment failure, power outage and other potential disruptions, and outline a strategy that aligns costs with those risks. Atlantic-IT.net will also help prioritize operational requirements to ensure that the most critical systems remain online in the event of a disruption. Once the proper plan is in place, Atlantic-IT.net can help you select and deploy business continuity technologies that ensure the availability of mission-critical systems.

Thanks to virtualization and the cloud, even small to midsize businesses can have an enterprise-class business continuity platform. Our outsourced IT services and support complete the solution, ensuring that your backups run properly and your data can be recovered rapidly when needed.

Download our Atlantic-IT Cloud Backup Brochure and call (877) 936-3328 and gain the peace of mind that your critical systems and data are protected. Our outsourced IT specialists are here to assist you.


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It is impossible to overstate the importance of a functional data protection strategy.
In a very real sense, data is the most valuable asset of any business — and
that data can be lost, deleted or corrupted by viruses, hackers, software or hardware
failures, human error, or many other variables. Businesses survive disasters
only if their data survives.