2n5wthdsd7eThe number and variety of network attacks continue to increase as cyber criminals find ways to evade traditional defenses. In fact, a recent study found that 99 percent of enterprises have malicious infections entering the network each week, with 80 percent facing more than 100 new cases per week.

These attacks can cause downtime and data loss and sap productivity. A security breach can also tarnish an organization’s reputation, particularly in industries with regulatory mandates for data security and privacy. understands that security is a critical part of any IT infrastructure. We provide comprehensive security solutions, including firewalls, malware and spam blocking, intrusion detection and prevention, data encryption and more, and our experts keep a handle on the advanced malware and targeted attacks plaguing corporate networks.

Our outsourced IT support services also play a role. Remote monitoring and management of your systems allows the team to rapidly detect and mitigate security breaches, and keep your defenses up-to-date as security threats and business needs change.

Hackers continue to innovate and refine their attacks, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain robust network security. provides security technologies that help safeguard IT assets, and the expertise to help prevent a costly and disruptive security breach.

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