Secure File Sharing

Many workers use Box, Dropbox and other public cloud solutions to share files internally and with third parties. These consumer-grade online file-sharing solutions are widely used without the knowledge or approval of IT, introducing serious risks to the organization.

In a recent survey, 70 percent of enterprise IT professionals said they were concerned about the use of online file sharing in their organizations, citing data security, regulatory compliance and loss of control as key issues. In addition, these “rogue cloud” or “shadow IT” solutions generally are adopted without due diligence or an understanding of the organization’s long-term IT strategy, creating data silos, compatibility issues and financial risks.

Most organizations recognize that it is not feasible to prohibit the use of online file-sharing solutions — the ease-of-use, efficiency and collaboration benefits are too great. As a result, many organizations are looking to implement a business-grade alternative. offers a powerful solution that enables organizations to manage and control the sharing of information — both internally and with third parties. The online file-sharing solution has robust security that eliminates the risks of consumer-grade file-sharing products. Yet it allows users to share files quickly and easily without the complexity and support headaches associated with traditional FTP solutions.

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