Mobile Computing

Employees are now using mobile devices to be productive while away from the office. Most of these mobile workers are using their own smartphones and tablets — a trend known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Organizations must find ways to support these personal mobile devices and enable access to applications, data and communications systems.13olwhlh can help develop a mobile computing plan that will increase efficiency, improve communications and save money. brings expertise in IP communications, virtualization, cloud computing and outsourced IT support to create an effective mobility platform.

IP communications solutions give mobile employees access to desk phone features from anywhere. Mobile workers can use their own smartphones yet maintain a single business phone number and voicemail. can also help organizations extend instant messaging, virtual meeting services, even full-featured telepresence to mobile devices. can enable mobile workers to use Web-based applications and data stored in the cloud. For sensitive information that must remain within the corporate network, a virtual desktop infrastructure can provide mobile workers with remote access to their office-based PCs.

As your outsourced IT department, understands that mobility brings security and support challenges.’s experts can help incorporate data encryption and other security features into the mobility platform. can also provide centralized management of mobile devices along with unlimited end-user support. With as a partner, you can enjoy the benefits of BYOD without the support challenges and security risks. is helping businesses in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia boost productivity, cut costs and enable a more flexible, responsive and accessible workforce. Call us today to speak with one of our outsourced IT specialists — (877) 936-3328.